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Gomez Development Group


Let's Invest and Build The Future Together...

Gomez Development Group is a South Florida real estate investment and development company.

Our mission is to create successful real estate investment opportunities for our family, friends and financial partners. 

Finishing projects, paying back lenders and reducing interests rates all in the time of COVID

Finishing projects, paying back lenders and reducing interests rates all in the time of COVID

During the most challenging of economic times, as we are living today with Covid-19 as we have seen, as real estate developers and investors, our resolve to finish our projects on time, lease-up the communities we operate and pay off existing construction lenders is top of mind. You need to focus even more on the vision that you set out to execute on and to provide all the support necessary for your team so that all are focused on reaching the finish line successfully. By not allowing the negativity around you to infiltrate your mind you can redirect your energies to achieving the successful outcomes. In this specific video I discuss a few reasons why I refinanced my existing construction loan when the note is not due and how this saved me millions of dollars in interest and created future opportunities to collaborate with others. The insights in here could be beneficial to others, regardless of the business or career paths taken to know it is possible to accomplish what others say is not. ✅Let's Connect!: Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Linkedin - ✅Check Out the Article - ✅ Year long process of the building -



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Patience, Perseverance and Progress should guide you in your efforts.

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Maintaining a margin of safety in your investments allow you to navigate the changing markets. 

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I firmly believe a solid foundation, meticulous diligence, focused effort are the cornerstone of success.

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